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Ameri-Shield Warranty & Liner "Purchase Credit"

Ameri-Shield is designed to extend the life of your existing in ground pool liner.

Because there are many variables that cause a liner to fail and we have no way of knowing the exact condition of your existing liner we cannot provide a warranty on the product. However, our experience tells us that it works well on nearly all pools (95%+) on which it is installed.

We sell MILES & MILES of Ameri-Shield each year to hundreds of satisfied customers. Many of our customers extend the life of their liners by a few years.

Although we cannot warranty the product for a specific pool, we can offer a "Purchase Credit" to our customers on the sale of a new pool liner when needed.

"Purchase Credit" details: When you are ready to purchase a new liner for your pool, we will credit you 50% of what you paid for your Ameri-Shield product. The new liner must be purchased within 3 years (36 months) of the original Ameri-Shield Invoice. Note: "Purchase Credit" does not apply to shipping charges.