Residential vs. Commercial

Residential Domes: For most applications where the dome is 3000 sq ft or less, the residential domes are fine. If a dome exceeds 3000 sq. ft., it must be made from the commercial-grade reinforced vinyl as the stresses on the larger structure would be too much for the vinyl used in the smaller residential units. Conversely, inflatable domes under 600 sq. ft. are not typically feasible because they do not hold enough air to remain safely inflated long enough for people to exit the dome in the event of a power outage.

In rare cases a local governing authority may require a permit for the installation of a dome, even at a residence. There is no "cut and dried" rule as to when that may be required in any given area. If you have any doubt, check with your local authorities prior to purchase.

Commercial: The commercial-grade vinyl is a requirement when the dome size exceeds 3000 sq. ft. or if the dome requires a permit for a commercial application. Some areas require a permit, others do not.

If a permit is required, the permitting authority may require ADA compliance for the distance between the walls of the dome and water, fire retardant wall and ceiling vinyls, current engineering reports, and possibly other items. We can help you with these requirements after we know what the specific items may be needed for your area.