Alternate Dome Anchoring System for Grass, Dirt, or Pavers.

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The use of a large vise is recommended to complete
the following procedure.

Place the eyebolt in the vise in such a way that will not
damage the threads on the shank of the eyebolt.

Use a large screwdriver to spread the eye open large
enough to slip the ring into the opening. 

Use a hammer to tap the eye closed with the ring inside.

The ring of the eyebolt should be at least 1-1/2" ID. 2" 
is better.

If using 1-1/2" rings, attach the ring to the
eyebolt and then stick the ring back into the vise and 
apply enough pressure to make the ring-hole into an
oblong shape.

This will allow enough room for both the
ring and the eyebolt to fit on a 1" EMT pipe.

The eybolts with rings can be spaced as far as 6' 

Attach the dome cable to the tube at approximate 3'

Use wire-ties (cable ties) at least 1/4" in width (1/2" is
best) and double them up at each location as shown.

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Another Alternate Anchoring Method is Shown Below

We now have available a special tie system that is faster
and more simple than the method shown above. A large
Tie is used to secure the eye-bolt to the 1" EMT tubing.

The eybolts with rings can be spaced as far as 6' 
apart, requiring less work and expense.

The exposed cable in the hem of the dome is secured
to the EMT rail with the large ties. The ties have a rating
of +200 lb. test and are 1/2" wide.
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