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Items Needed:
100' Fiberglass or Steel Tape Measure.
2' long wooden dowel or 1x2
Indelible marker & Pencil
Piece of chalk
Order/Quote Form "Page 3"

Please pull the tape tightly to prevent slack and provide
measurements in feet and inches to the nearest 1/2".

1. Cut a piece of dowel (or 1x2) to a length of 2'.

2. Locate a starting point on the top outside edge of the tank. This point will be number 0.  Use
the indelible marker to make this mark. You will need to use this mark again when installing the
cover. (see example page 2)

3. Working clockwise, use the wooden dowel (or 1x2) and the chalk to mark the perimeter edge
of the tank at 2' increments. Number these marks around the tank as you go with the starting
point being number 0.

4. Log these measurements on Order/Quote form (Page 3). The final dimension will probably
not work out to be a 2' increment.

5. Measure straight across the tank from your Starting Point (0) to the farthest edge on the
opposite side of the tank and place that # under "Diameter 1" on the form. (see example page 2)

6. Measure at the 1/2 way point across the tank (see example page 2) and log under "Diameter
2" on the form.

7. Designate the location for the drain-tube. This should be directly at one of the numbered points.

8. Fax the completed form to Ameri-Brand Products at 530-589-2510