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Achilles Boat Covers

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Misc Boat Model Info (Models Shown Below)

  • BR - 1 Bow Rider - Seats in front of helm (traditional ski boats)
  • BR - Bow Rails
  • CC - Center Console - Single console in center of boat
  • DC - Dual Console - Two consoles
  • EXTD/SWPF - Extended swim platform - Swim platform not built into the hull of the boat
  • FS - Fish n Ski
  • I/O - Inboard / Outdrive - Engine inside the boat, outdrive outside the boat
  • O/B - Outboard - Engine outside the boat
  • PPF - Poling Platform
  • SC - Single Console - Console on one side of boat only
  • SWPF - Swim Platform


ACHILLES GT-10, Year: 1993
ACHILLES GT-11, Year: 1993
ACHILLES HB-90 W/O CONSOLE, Years: 1993-1994
ACHILLES HB-100, Years: 1993-1994
ACHILLES HB-110, Years: 1993-1994
ACHILLES HB-140, Years: 1993-1994
ACHILLES HB-275 W/O CONSOLE, Years: 2001-2008
ACHILLES HB-310 W/O CONSOLE, Years: 2001-2008
ACHILLES HB-315 DX, Years: 2005-2018
ACHILLES HB-340 W/O CONSOLE, Years: 2001-2008
ACHILLES HB-385 , Years: 2006-2008
ACHILLES LEX-290, Years: 1993-1994
ACHILLES LEX-320, Years: 1993-1994
ACHILLES LS-4, Years: 2001-2011
ACHILLES LS-4 EX, Years: 1984-1986
ACHILLES LS-4 GX, Year: 1985
ACHILLES LS4-RU, Years: 2004-2018
ACHILLES LSA-4, Years: 1993-1994
ACHILLES LSI-4, Years: 1990-1992
ACHILLES LSI-77, Years: 1997-2007
ACHILLES LSI-88, Years: 1997-2007
ACHILLES LSI-96, Years: 1997-2007
ACHILLES LSI-104, Years: 1997-2007
ACHILLES LSI-112, Years: 2002-2007
ACHILLES LSI-122, Years: 2002-2007
ACHILLES LSR-96, Years: 2002-2007
ACHILLES LSR-104, Years: 2003-2007
ACHILLES LT-3DX, Year: 1985
ACHILLES LT-4, Years: 2001-2017
ACHILLES SD-124, Years: 1984-1992
ACHILLES SD-130, Years: 1988-1991
ACHILLES SD-140, Years: 1984-1992
ACHILLES SD-156, Years: 1986-1992
ACHILLES SE-11, Year: 1984
ACHILLES SE-12, Years: 1993-1994
ACHILLES SE-121, Years: 1997-2007
ACHILLES SE-130, Years: 1985-1990
ACHILLES SE-131, Years: 1997-2007
ACHILLES SG-124, Years: 1993-2018
ACHILLES SG-140, Years: 1997-2018
ACHILLES SG-156, Years: 1997-2018
ACHILLES SGX-122, Years: 1997-2018
ACHILLES SGX-132, Years: 1997-2018
ACHILLES SH-156, Years: 1988-1991
ACHILLES SHD-170, Years: 1984-1991
ACHILLES SPD-2AD, Years: 1984-1991
ACHILLES SPD-4AD, Years: 1993-1994
ACHILLES SPD-5AD, Years: 1993-1994
ACHILLES SPD-96, Years: 2004-2007
ACHILLES SPD-102, Years: 1997-2003
ACHILLES SPD-104, Years: 2004-2007
ACHILLES SPD-112, Years: 2005-2007
ACHILLES SU-14, Years: THRU-2018
ACHILLES SU-16, Years: THRU-2018
ACHILLES SU-16 W/ CONSOLE, Years: 1997-2018
ACHILLES SU-18 W/ CONSOLE, Years: 1997-2013
ACHILLES SG-140 W/ CONSOLE, Year: 1994
ACHILLES SG-156 W/ CONSOLE, Years: 1994-2018
ACHILLES SG-176 W/ CONSOLE, Year: 1994
ACHILLES SE-13, Years: 1993-1994
ACHILLES SE-15, Years: 1993-1994
ACHILLES LS-5, Year: 1993
ACHILLES LEX-235, Year: 1993
ACHILLES LEX-260, Years: 1993-1994
ACHILLES HB-350 LX, Years: 2008-2018
ACHILLES LSR-290, Years: 2008-2014
ACHILLES LSR-310, Years: 2008-2014
ACHILLES LEX-77, Years: 2008-2018
ACHILLES SPD-290, Years: 2008-2014
ACHILLES SPD-310, Years: 2008-2014
ACHILLES SPD-335, Years: 2008-2014
ACHILLES LS2-RU, Years: 2009-2018
ACHILLES LEX-88, Years: 1997-2018
ACHILLES LEX-96, Years: 1997-2018
ACHILLES LSI-230, Years: 2009-2014
ACHILLES LSI-260, Years: 2008-2014
ACHILLES LSI-290, Years: 2008-2014
ACHILLES LSI-310, Years: 2008-2014
ACHILLES LSI-335, Years: 2008-2014
ACHILLES LSI-365, Years: 2008-2014
ACHILLES SPD-365, Years: 2009-2014
ACHILLES HB-240 LX, Years: 2009-2018
ACHILLES HB-280 DX, Years: 2009-2018
ACHILLES FRB-104, Years: 2009-2018
ACHILLES FRB-124, Years: 2009-2018
ACHILLES LT-2, Years: 2013-2017
ACHILLES HB-270 FX W/O CONSOLE, Years: 2013-2018
ACHILLES HB-300 FX W/O CONSOLE, Years: 2013-2018
ACHILLES HB-280 DX W/ CONSOLE, Years: 2009-2018
ACHILLES HB-315 DX W/ CONSOLE, Years: 2005-2018
ACHILLES HB-350 LX W/ CONSOLE, Years: 2008-2013
ACHILLES HB-385 DX, Years: 2013-2018
ACHILLES HB-385 W/ CONSOLE, Years: 2006-2008
ACHILLES HB-385 DX W/ CONSOLE, Years: 2013-2018
ACHILLES HB-240 LX W/ CONSOLE, Years: 2009-2013
ACHILLES SGX-132 W/ CONSOLE, Years: 1997-2018
ACHILLES SGX-122 W/ CONSOLE, Years: 1997-2018
ACHILLES SG-124 W/ CONSOLE, Years: 1993-2018
ACHILLES SG-140 W/ CONSOLE, Years: 1997-2018
ACHILLES HB-280 LX, Years: 2009-2018
ACHILLES HB-280 LX W/ CONSOLE, Years: 2009-2013
ACHILLES HB-315 LX, Years: 2005-2018
ACHILLES HB-315 LX W/ CONSOLE, Years: 2005-2013
ACHILLES HB-350 DX, Years: 2008-2018
ACHILLES HB-350 DX W/ CONSOLE, Years: 2008-2018
ACHILLES LSR-4, Years: 1993-1994
ACHILLES SK-156, Years: 1986-1992
ACHILLES SHD-156, Years: 1986-1992
ACHILLES SK-140, Years: 1984-1992
ACHILLES SPD-2FL, Years: 1984-1991
ACHILLES SH-170, Years: 1984-1991
ACHILLES SPD-108, Years: 1997-2003
ACHILLES SK-124, Years: 1984-1992
ACHILLES LSR-290E, Years: 2015-2018
ACHILLES LSR-310E, Years: 2015-2018
ACHILLES SPD-290E, Years: 2015-2018
ACHILLES SPD-330E, Years: 2015-2018
ACHILLES SPD-310E, Years: 2015-2018
ACHILLES LSI-290E, Years: 2015-2018
ACHILLES LSI-230E, Years: 2015-2018
ACHILLES LSI-330E, Years: 2015-2018
ACHILLES LSI-360E, Years: 2015-2018
ACHILLES LSI-310E, Years: 2015-2018
ACHILLES LSI-260E, Years: 2015-2018
ACHILLES HB-310AL, Years: 2015-2018
ACHILLES HB-240AL, Years: 2016-2018
ACHILLES HB-270AL, Years: 2016-2018
ACHILLES HB-310AX, Years: 2017-2018
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