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Pool Dome Fundraiser

Pool Dome

Atlanta Community Organizers

The Atlanta Splashers Swim Team are in the process of raising the necessary funds to purchase and install a new Ameri-Dome Swimming Pool Inflatable Enclosure for the Atlanta Community Pool. A new Ameri-Dome is a great, cost-effective way to allow Atlanta Community Pool users to swim year-round. In addition to extending the swim season, the inflatable will reduce chemical and pool heating costs. The dome will also serve as a pool cover when in use during the winter months, preventing leaves and debris from entering the pool. In addition, plans are in the works to begin aqua-therapy and water aerobics classes for those local groups that need a covered pool during the winter months. The dome will be available to these types of groups for lease at specific times of the day or night.

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Atlanta Splashers Community Organizers: "Having this pool dome would mean so much to the kids and young adults who often frequent the pool. It would allow swim teams to practice year-round, increasing their ability to compete and making them more competitive for important swimming college scholarships in the long term." An Ameri-Dome will also add an additional layer of pool security, by preventing anyone who might trespass at night from entering the pool. The Atlanta Splashers Community Organizers, parents, and local children thank you for any donation you can make towards our cause.