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New Fundraiser Registration

Starting a new fundraiser with Ameri-Brand Products is easy.
See the Sample Fundraiser for swimming pool dome HERE.

Steps to Start a New Fundraiser

  1. Read and agree to the terms and conditions of utilizing the Ameri-Brand Fundraising Program, posted below.
  2. Select the product for which you desire to raise funds.
  3. Obtain a current price or an estimate of the product. This will be your goal.
  4. Start a fundraiser by filling in the form located HERE and depositing $250.

Once we receive and approve your Fundraiser request, we will develop a page for you where you can direct your groups members and benifactors. Not only will this page will serve as a source of information about your cause and the product your group is raising funds for, but it will also allow people to make donations securely online, directly into your Fundraiser account. When a donation is made, the funds are credited to your account.

Ameri-Brand Fundraising Program - Benefits:

  • Zero interest charges
  • Check your Fundraiser progress anytime or pay as much as you like, online, anytime.
  • "Locks in" current prices.
  • Receive donations conveniently online, anytime.
  • Payments can be made by numerous individuals on the account.
  • No monthly minimum payment is required.
  • Generate flyers and promotional media on the website.
  • Generate reports or regenerate receipts online.
  • Generate and fax a "News Release" for your local media (tv, radio, newspapers, etc.) to inform them of your efforts so they can report it to the public.
  • Send your prospective donors directly to the site to see the details of your Fundraiser, watch it's progress, and contribute directly to your Fundraising account.

Ameri-Brand Fundraising Program - Terms:

  1. A minimum monetary goal of at least $1,500.00 is required to open an account.
  2. A deposit of $250 is required to open a Fundraising account.
  3. There is no monthly service charge or interest.
  4. Refunds/Cancellations: If a customer/organization needs to cancel a Fundraising account, we will credit all money paid toward future purchase(s) or provide a refund less any expenses (materials, labor, markup, programming, etc.) incurred regarding the account.
  5. Maximum time limit to complete a Fundraising program is 24 months. (2 years)
  6. Many products we offer are custom made or ordered to your specifications. Your merchandise may be ordered or manufactured after your fundraising program is completed.
I have read the terms above and agree to abide by them. (required)