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Safety mesh pool cover provides protection and kepts your   pool clean for winter

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The Ameri-Cover Safety Pool Cover is one of best inground pool covers available on the market today. Our covers begin with high burst strength, 100% polypropylene mesh or solid vinyl, both of which are given extra strength by straps of double webbing, running along the top and bottom of each cover. Combine these quality materials with skilled American design and manufacture and you get a well designed, high quality, Safety Pool Cover which is second to none. In addition to our "normal covers" which come in any custom size & shape, we also specialize in pool cover repair, replacement pool covers, replacement automatic pool covers, and commercial pool covers for larger pools.

Safety Mesh Swimming Pool Covers

Safety Mesh Covers are a true safety cover and come with a true ASTM Testing certificate. They provide a non-slippery covering surface which allows water to drain though to help prevent drowning accidents. Mesh covers (aka trampoline style) are an excellent way to provide a safety barrier for your pool and help to create peace of mind. Ameri-Covers are designed to be installed on concrete, brick, tile pavers, or wood decks. Our pool covers are designed to "tension" over the water and not rest directly on the surface of it.

The Safety Mesh Pool Cover is constructed of 100% Polypropylene. This material has an exceptionally High bursting strength. Being a Mesh Fabric, it allows all the water to drain through into the swimming pool. For Safety, this is the best type of fabric you can use. Available in Green, Dark Blue, Black, & Tan Safety Mesh

Solid Vinyl Swimming Pool Storage Covers

Solid Pool Covers provide maximum protection for the pool itself. If there is no risk of small children or animals wandering out on top of the pool cover, then a solid pool cover may be the perfect answer to your pool covering needs. Being solid, water can accumulate on top of the winter pool cover during a rain or snow. We offer with our solid pool covers the option of either a FREE built-in mesh drain panel so excess water can drain through the cover into the pool or an automatic on/off electric pump (additional charge) that allows you to "pump off" the excess water from the pool cover. Designed to be installed on concrete, brick, tile pavers, or wood decks. Available in standard sizes (many in stock and ready to ship) or Custom Made to your exact specifications using our computer drafting program, the "A to B" Verifier.

General Pool Cover Features:

  • Keeps All Twigs, Leaves, and other debris out of pool.
  • Water drains through mesh covers / pumped off vinyl covers.
  • Maintenance free and reduce chemical use during the winter.
  • Easy Homeowner Installation (complete instructions provided)
  • Cover layout and construction completed by hand in the USA.
  • Each winter storage cover is thoroughly inspected before shipment.
  • Ameri-covers are made from only the Finest Quality Materials.
  • Our custom pool covers are personally design to fit any pool.
  • Both sides of the cover are Nylon Webbing Reinforced
  • All pool covers come with FREE Shipping!
  • Ameri-Brand gives pool safety at Discount Prices!
  • By far, the Most Popular Cover on the market today.
  • Ameri-Covers Includes All This. Absolutely Nothing else to buy!

Our anchors are made from solid brass and consist of a "barrel" which is secured into the deck and a threaded "pop-up" center insert. The top of the insert has an area directly above the threads that accepts the circular end of the retaining/tensioning springs. Check out our anchor video to see how our pool anchors work. When the pool cover is not in use, the insert is screwed down into the "barrel" with a tool which is provided with your new swimming pool cover. This leaves the deck totally free of obstructions and tripping hazards. All needed anchors are provided for your new Safety Pool Cover. Our replacement pool covers do not include anchors since they are designed to line up perfectly with the existing anchors.

The Spring assemblies are made of Stainless Steel and are sleeved with a heavy duty vinyl to protect both your swimming pool cover and the finish on your deck surface. A specially designed tensioning tool is included with each cover to allow for easy application of the cover and proper tensioning.

Our Nylon Webbing & Strapping is designed to support the entire cover tightly over the pool. With the webbing running both ways on the pool cover, we achieve proper tensioning and it gives the cover a uniform appearance. Rectangular covers require a webbing spacing of 5' apart from one webbing reinforcement to the next. Freeform pool covers require that the runs of webbing be placed at 3' intervals for proper support.

The strapping is secured to the springs with our Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Buckles which lay out flat on the deck. The loose end of the springs is tensioned over the brass anchors to install the cover.

The webbing itself is a full 1-1/8 inches wide and because we sew it on both the top and the underside of your cover, the webbing thickness becomes a full 3/16 thick! Many companies use a much thinner webbing and only place it on one side of the safety cover. You can see the difference pool cover webbing here.

Safety Pool Covers are available in standard sizes (many in stock and ready to ship) or Custom Made to your exact specifications using our computer drafting program, the "A to B" Verifier. Should you have an irregular shaped pool or obstructions on your deck which need to be "worked around" we are experts at making the proper cover to fit your pool! We Guarantee the Fit on Each and Every Cover we Make. This winter cover is especially popular for those need or desire the highest quality safety or storage cover at a discount price!

Ameri-Brand Copy Cat Cover Program - More Deatails

If you would like to receive a shipping box (with the "PREPAID" label included,) via UPS so you can send your old pool cover to us, please use the "Send Me a Box" button below.

Because we duplicate a few hundred covers per year, We have streamlined the box request process using our online shopping cart system. Your box will be on its way to you within 2 business days.

To get started you will be asked to provide a $5.00 deposit to process your box request. This $5.00 is FULLY REFUNDABLE to you whether or not you purchase a new cover from us. We will credit your pool cover purchase the $5.00 if you buy, or if you elect not to purchase a new cover we will return your cover at NO CHARGE to you AND refund the $5.00 with no questions asked.

Yes, we pay the shipping BOTH ways. There is NO RISK to you !

This program is extremely successful and many years we get more requests than we can handle. If you're thinking you may need a new cover, please don't wait until the last minute. Get your request in as early as possible.

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