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Converting to a Vinyl Liner Pool

Adding a Liner to Fiberglass, Concrete, & Plaster Pools

Every year many customers inquire as to whether it's practical or even if it's possible to install a vinyl liner in a pool that was not designed for one. Normally these requests come from pool owners that have plaster, concrete, or fiberglass pools that are leaking from settling cracks or other factors. Often they have already tried "painting" or "sealing," but this can be unattractive and ineffective. Over time even a good paint/sealant job will begin to crack and peel. With the average cost of replastering or refinishing a pool costing somewhere between $12,000 to $25,000, people are eagerly searching for a more economical and realistic alternative.

In response to our customers needs, Ameri-Brand has pioneered a retrofit vinyl liner system that works for "many" inground swimming pools! We say "many" because in some cases, the design of a pool will not allow the retro-fitting of a vinyl liner. However, we can normally provide a brand new liner (with a 10 year warranty), a track system, custom fittings from our shop, and professional advice (based on many years of experience) that will allow you to complete the job yourself in a couple of weekends for a FRACTION of the cost of replastering or refinishing your swimming pool.

Below are the considerations that will determine if your pool is a candidate for a retro-fit liner package from Ameri-Brand Products Inc. If you believe your pool may work with our liner retrofit system after reading the information below, please contact us or give us a call at 1-800-982-6966 to discuss the details of your situation. Most importantly, there is no risk in asking. If we don't believe our custom-order retrofit service will work for a customer, then we won't sell it to them!

Although liners specifically made to convert a pool are more expensive than other types of liners due to the extra time required to design and manufacture them, they usually are the most economical solution for most situations.


See One of Our Customers' Pool Transformation:

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Inground Liner Retro-Fit Considerations

  • Measuring the liner: Typically a converted pool liner installation will require the Standard measurements that we would use for a "normal" inground liner AND the form, (or one like it) you see HERE.
  • Shape and Size of Pool: Most shapes can be accommodated. Give us a call if you have any questions, and we will let you know what we think. Our phone number is 1-800-982-6966.
  • Attaching the liner: Typically liners are attached to a swimming pool by either a top mount track, side mount track, or in some cases, an overlap system. We provide the track with our system. You (the customer) provide the fasteners (normally available at Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace, or True Value stores) to attach the track to the perimeter. We can help you decide which type would work best for you. Here's a simple method of attaching a liner to some shapes of pools.
  • Water Flow and Drains: This is where our retrofit system saves a lot of time & money. Return lines and main drain fittings are easy to convert using our system , parts, & tools.
  • Skimmers: Wall skimmers can be retrofitted for a liner using the method shown HERE. We custom manufacture them to fit your specific situation. These units enable the flow of water through the existing swimming pool plumbing system and adapt it to work with a vinyl liner.
  • Special Note: In rare cases, it's sometimes best to seal off the main drain and use a different method of water circulation. Example: Over the deck piping (Not too attractive, but it is functional).
  • Steps: Vinyl pool liners can be custom dimensioned to cover many step configurations. We have covered rectangular, triangular, and wedding cake styles. If your steps are not the type that can be covered, an option is to remove them (via jackhammer) and replace them with ladders or add a poured concrete set that we help design to work with your new vinyl pool liner.
  • Lights:Our suggestion is to seal them off and "liner" over them. We can explain to you how to do this when you purchase your liner retro-kit.
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