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Dome Heater Installation

Ameri-Dome Heater

Begin by removing the dome heater from its packaging. Upon removal you will find the heater is attached to a plywood base-board which should be removed and saved for future use. You will find your extra parts inside the dome heater. Once the unit is setup in place with the blower inside it, replace the plywood base-board to create a better air seal.

Placing your Blower/Dome Heater

Dome heaters operate by forcing the pool's warm water through the dome heater unit. Normally, they are easily "plumbed" in at either the pool heater return line coming directly off the pool heater using the method described below, OR if you are fortunate enough to have a pool cleaner/vacuum that plugs into your pool wall fitting you can hook the dome heater supply line to the wall fitting. Use either the male fitting attached to your cleaner/vacuum or buy another fitting from a local pool supply. This is the simplest method. View both attaching options.

The blower/heater combo is usually placed near the pool's pump, filter, pool heater, etc. Generally these items are at the far end of the pool, away from the building and dome entrance. However, be sure to keep your plumbing method (described above) in mind when choosing a location. Once you've decided on the right spot, it's time for the installation.

Installing the Dome Heater

There are 3 extra items you will need to install the dome heater if you're hooking it directly into the return line just off the pool heater.

  1. 1.5" PVC "T" fitting with a standard hose bib attached.
  2. Two adequate lengths of good quality 3/4" inside diameter garden hose. You will need one hose that is long enough to reach from your pool heater (or the heater return in the pool) to the dome heater and a second hose that is long enough to reach from the dome heater into the pool to discharge the cold water. Use the shortest lengths possible to allow maximum efficiency.
  3. An adequate length of hose insulation to reach from your hose bib to the desired location of your heater. This soft foam insulation is available at your local hardware store and is the same type used to insulate a 1" pipe from freezing. The insulation increases efficiency and keeps water from freezing in the hose in cold weather climates.
Vinyl boot for attaching blower and dome heater Blower installed in dome heater housing

Dome heater part Swimming Pool dome discharge hose


  1. Begin by installing the blower in the dome heater housing. First, slip the white vinyl boot over the mouth of the blower and the snorkel tube (not shown), sliding it all the way back to the base of the blower. Tighten and knot the draw cord to secure the boot in place (see picture above left).
  2. Next, set the heater housing on top of the blower and secure the boot cuff to the exterior lip of the heater housing with provided screws (see picture above right).
  3. Plumb the hose bib into your pool heater return line as shown (right-top). Connect the female end of the hose provided to the hose bib. Place the dome heater over the blower and cut the hose to proper length. Allow enough length of hose to insert the end of the hose into the hole in the side of Dome Heater and an extra 7". Slip the end of the hose over the copper tube and secure with the stainless steel worm clamp provided. The other end of the hose connects through the hole on the front of the dome heater and is attached the same way as the previous hose connection. Once this length has been determined, cut the hose and discard any left over hose material.
  4. Route the hose under the cable anchor of the dome and discharges directly into the pool. It's a good idea to allow the discharge hose to dangle in the water a couple of feet.
  5. Once the unit is "plumbed" properly, install the foam insulation on the part of the hose that comes from the hose-bib to the actual heater.

Using the Dome Heater

The dome heater is activated by turning on the hot water supply at the hose bib and turning on your pool pump if it is not already on. For safety reasons, keep small children away from the discharge hose in the pool as the water may at times be fairly warm.

Important Note! If you live in an area that experiences very cold temperatures, 25 F or colder, and your blower is controlled by a pressure switch (typically residential models) the water supply to the Dome must be turned off and the Dome Heater must be drained if the power goes out. In addition, compressed air needs to be blown through the hose and Dome Heater. Water left in the Dome Heater may freeze and rupture the tubing. This does not apply to commercial domes where the pump for water circulation is required to run 24/7. In addition, if the dome heater housings were to be elevated at the rear of the unit, (approx 1-1/2 to 2") then even if the power went off, the units would self drain and help to prevent freezing.

Ideally, the water supply hose should be as short as possible, 3/4" diameter, and the water supply should come directly off of the plumbing closest to the actual pool pump. If using a garden hose to supply water to the dome heater, it should be insulated. By insulating the Garden Hose, less heat is lost on the way to the Dome Heater, therefore, making it warmer inside the Dome and this also helps to keep the Hose from freezing and rupturing.

If the dome heater coil is allowed to freeze, it can rupture. The manufacturer of the coils does not warrant them against freezing. Replacement coils are available for purchase and can be installed locally.

Need More Help?

Please don't hesitate to contact us online or call us at 1-800-982-6966 for additional tech support.

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